Childline Botswana, National

Childline Botswana has assisted over 10,000 children since operations. Being a Non-Governmental Organization that we are, we entirely depend on public goodwill for sustenance of our services. Upon introduction of the Place of Safety in 2004, there arose a need for transportation of children to health and educational facilities.

LKCT thus provided a van for use in transporting the children. This has greatly enhanced our care for the babies, with 12 of them now transported every morning and afternoon to and from various pre-schools around town. 150 children have to date benefited from these services while awaiting a permanency plan in either; foster care, adoption, transfer of custody, or kingship care.

Furthermore, with the children being given round the clock care, we incur huge operational expenses with cost for care (wages for the care givers, toiletry, and food) going up to around P100, 000.00 per month. The LKCT contribution to our operational costs have greatly gone a long way in ensuring quality service provision for some of the most vulnerable children in this country. These are children that are most often in danger and/ or under distress, with the vast majority of them grossly neglected, abandoned in hospitals and public places, and grossly abused (both physically and sexually). The need for such assistance is therefore still very paramount.