The Trust

The Lady Khama Charitable Trust was founded in 2002 in honour of Lady Ruth Khama.  In establishing the Trust, her eldest son and current Patron of the Trust, His Excellency Dr Seretse Khama, seeks to continue the community development work that Lady K. spent so much of her time pursuing. The Trust’s focus on vulnerable women and children mirrors that of Lady K’s, highlighted by her involvement with the Botswana Red Cross, Botswana Council for Women and SOS Children’s Villages. Through our work we hope to help everyone we assist to live in dignity.

The Trust allocates its funds to projects in Botswana, through a grant application system. Through this grant application system charitable organisation submit requests for support. These submissions are reviewed at the quarterly Board of Trustee meetings.  Those that meet the grant application guidelines then receive support from the Trust.

Our Vision

A Botswana in which all men, women and children live with dignity.

Our Mission 

To raise and disburse funds for well-run charitable organisations that focus on improving the lives of vulnerable women and children.

Our Objectives

  • To raise awareness of the Trust and the issues around poverty that the Trust seeks to address, with a particular focus on vulnerable women and children.
  • To effectively allocate funds to deserving projects through our grant applications system.
  • To ensure the sustainability of our fundraising endeavours by continuing to deliver quality fundraising activities. 

Key Priorities

The following have been set as key priorities by the Board of Trustees:
  • Focus on early childhood development, in particular the delivery of early learning centres for remote communities.
  • Ensure systems are in place to allow us to monitor the effectiveness and manner in which our grants are allocated.
  • Deliver our annual fundraising events to an ever improving standard.
  • identifying potential international donors.


The Trust partners with existing charitable organizations working at either national or grass roots level and supports projects proposed to us by organizations that are small, dynamic and excellently run. These organizations, more often than not operate in remote community areas, which often struggle to procure support. Our strength is in local fund raising, identifying the projects and beneficiaries that are most in need of our help and then providing this support.