Working Method

The Trust is run by a volunteer Board of Trustees who are governed by the Trust covenant. There are two full time salaried staff members who manage the day-to-day operations; the Trust Coordinator and the Administrative and Finance Assistant.

In addition to its own fundraising activities, the Lady Khama Charitable Trust seeks support and funding from local and international donors, individuals, corporations and organisations.

Since 2007, the Trust has hosted annual local fundraising activities in an effort to raise funds and awareness for the Trust and its beneficiaries.

To date the Trust has disbursed over P 10 million (USD 1 million). Each fund raiser is tailored to cater for members of our community, be it through sport with the Lady K. RUN21 (half marathon), the Lady K Urban Obstacle Course and Ghanzi Horse Endurance Relay. Or through family outings at the Lady K. Family Fun Day or through corporate events such as the Lady Khama Gala Dinner.  In each of the last three years we have added an additional annual fund raiser event, culminating in an event per quarter in 2015.

Projects and initiatives that apply to receive funding from the Lady Khama Charitable Trust go through our Grant Application System. The submissions are then assessed internally and evaluated at the Trust quarterly Board meetings.

The Trust ensures that funds are used for their intended purpose by requiring regular feedback and updates from the beneficiaries. 90% of all funds raised per annum are allocated or reserved for our beneficiaries.